Sunday, July 29, 2012

Curry Chicken Salad

I spent a couple of years trying to reproduce the delicious curry chicken salad we so enjoyed at the Flying Saucer Cafe on Atlantic Ave in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn. When I discovered it in Gourmet Garage, which must be where the cafe got it (they said they didn't make it at the cafe), I stopped trying to replicate it. For a while we were content with buying it.
Then we moved completely out of NY.
Now, after a couple of years experimenting, I figured it out and its so simple! So here it is! So delicious!!!!

Cooked chicken meat
Golden raisins
Slivered almonds

1. Dice cooked chicken - about 1/2 inch

2. Add enough mayo to coat thoroughly.
3. Sprinkle Turmeric over all of the chicken and generously sprinkle curry powder, so that the chicken is coated. It will seem like a LOT but it's not too much!

Mix well.

4. Add a generous amount of raisins and almonds. Again, a lot is not too much.

Mix well.

Color will brighten and flavor will mature if refrigerated overnight. But we usually can't wait that long!

Serve over a bed of lettuce and tomatoes, or on bread or toast.
If eating straight (which we do) mix in chopped apple, halved grapes or cubed avocado... Enjoy!

Isn't something always better when you've worked long and hard at it? I started out using way too many flavors - when the simplest of recipes was waiting to give us this treat!  I've heard it's great for canned tuna as well... I'll have to try that.

Let me know if you try this recipe, vary it, etc. and what you think!

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