Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tea Stains

I can't help making note of a disturbing trend right now in the U.S. among conservatives. There is this Tea Party Protest, which insults the Americans who had no vote in English affairs. We voted. The American people spoke. Liberals and Progressives know how frustrating it is when your candidate does not win. It happened to us quite recently. And the country became a snarled mess of overspending and war... and worse. But the anger unleashed by folks who call themselves Christians is shocking to me, when just a few months ago these same folks were telling us we had to love our President just because he was our president, even if we didn't agree with him. It was our patriotic and moral duty. What happened to their patriotism?

The situation Bush got us in is truly enraging and exasperating! I don't like bailing out bankers or irresponsible home buyers trying to live way above their means either. However, Washington is hamstrung with crises right now - one on every front from war to unemployment to global warming to a complete lack of faith in us around the globe... there is no end to the snarled mess our poor young president is facing right now. The last thing I would do is raise a stink over how it's all getting fixed. He's hired brilliant strategists and they are all working very hard and trying to be as smart as they can about an impossible situation. I worry about them over-reacting, but on the other side of the coin is letting things spiral and worsen... and I don't know what causes economic bettering vs/ worsening, personally.  

I just know beyond a shadow of a doubt - sincerely - that the President is doing his best FOR US and not for Haliburten, his fat cat friends, his oil interests, or the elite. If he thinks helping banks helps us - that's why he's doing it - it's absolutely not to reward their mis-deeds. He's fighting every day to make sure they are accountable for the money they've been given - and bringing everything right out into the open as it happens - even if it embarrasses him. The last president and his crew hid everything, met behind closed doors, and destroyed records of meetings.  

It seems like conservatives are hell bent on undermining whatever happens now - trying to make it fail - just so they can get a republican back into the white house in 4 years. I would never consider adding fuel to their fire, or even reacting negatively when I know that Obama's heart and brains are in the right place - no matter what others say. What happened to supporting the president we elected as a nation? Patriotism? Praying for him as our leader. Isn't that what conservatives are supposed to do?

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